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The Taxonic DNA

We are Taxonic:  a knowledge partner and a dynamic, leading, and independent ICT company with a sharp focus. We apply digital transformation and knowledge management from analysis to implementation. We do this within the knowledge areas Pega (Dynamic Case Management) en Linked Data.

We stand for ICT solutions that benefit the advancement of people and society. To achieve this, we combine know-how with experience, curiosity with working at eye level and we opt for early adoption of ICT innovation and data solutions.

Our team consists of a broad spectrum of specialists. From selection advice on technology and embedding solutions in the technical environment, to the connection of the system landscape and complete realization processes: we constantly challenge ourselves to explore and apply the innovation boundaries of ICT technologies and data solutions.


Business development director

Manon Dijkstra

Team manager

Domien Bolmers

Strategic director

Paul Ahsmann

This is Taxonic

At Taxonic, it’s all about establishing pleasant relationships and a good balance between effort and relaxation. We believe in the power of being proud of what you do and achieve: in collaboration and knowledge sharing to come up with brilliant solutions.

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