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Taxonic remains sponsor of Linked Data Platform Netherlands

Last week on the 7th of March a PLDN symposium was held to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Linked Data Platform Netherlands. During this meeting, different speakers have answered the question: What has been achieved and what are the challenges for the near future?

Taxonic is proud to remain sponsor in the future. Taxonic has been involved from the beginning in setting up PLDN and has, among other things, ensured that SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System)  is now on the ‘comply or explain’ list of Forum Standaardisatie, a Dutch standards body. This means that organizations within the Dutch public sector must apply this standard. SKOS is a standard that applies the principles of the web to knowledge retrieval systems.

What is Linked Data?
Linked Data is the step the Internet has to take to facilitate developments in Open Data, Big Data and the Internet of Things. Linked Data is about connecting related data so that it is more accessible to its users. By linking data (links) better solutions can be found for social and business issues. For example in preventing fire and informing the citizens about it .

Want to learn more about Linked Data and how to use it within your organization?

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