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Linked Data: More than you are looking for

The Internet is more and more becoming a Linked Data environment. In Linked Data, information of various sources, data models and data are linked. Data is no longer in isolation, but forms an extensive network of information. The linked information adds value to the original source. It provides new connections, which lead you to new and unexpected insights. With Linked Data, you will find more than you were looking for.

As an organisation you can use Linked Data technology to enrich your own data and information, just like Google does when you ask a question. Google connects multiple sites to find a fitting answer to your question, and each answer is explained or supported by underlying information.

Linked Data - Taxonic

Our Projects

We aspire to help our customers on all different levels when working with semantic technology. Therefore our team consists of backend developers, frontend developers, information analysts, business analysts, business consultants, project managers, DevOps, system engineers and experts on information security and architecture.

With this expertise we can handle a wide range of complex projects such as the design of architectures, creating effective tenders, advice on technology choices, realization of projects, monitoring of governance and delivery processes, process and information analysis, metadata management, system integration and system management. Taxonic wants to contribute to society and encourages the world to change and embrace new technologies.

All our projects are customized. Are you interested in the possibilities for your organisation? Please contact us.

Identification of Medicinal Products

Identification of Medicinal Products

By making health information more uniform, we encourage research and safety in healthcare.
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Our Partners

As an official partner of TopQuadrant, Taxonic provides training, consultancy and implementation projects for (the integration of) different software solutions.

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Taxonic is an official partner of SemWebCompany’s software solution PoolParty. Taxonic offers them various services such as thesaurus management, power tagging and traceability.

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In collaboration with SemWebCompany, Taxonic supports the development of thesaurus management, power tagging and traceability.

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Taxonic supports the open Platform Linked Data Netherlands to contribute to the development of Linked Data and share knowledge widely.

Platform Linked Open Data -Taxonic

Relevant Linked Data publications

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