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DCM: A flexible solution

With Dynamic Case Management (DCM) the knowledge worker or end user determines which ways to move through a process. That means, for example in unique cases, that they themselves determine the order of the steps to take and therefore maintain control of the process flow. This gives you the opportunity to deliver customized work, instead of providing a standard process. A DCM solution gives you the flexibility to influence predefined processes in order to achieve a unique solution, every time.

In contrast to a BPM solution, a DCM solution is not only able to facilitate predictable processes on the basis of structured information. Its strength can be found in the facilitation of unpredictable processes on the basis of unstructured information.

Dynamic Case Management - Taxonic

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Taxonic is registered as Pega Business Partners and provides software expertise and implementation services to customers in a wide range of regions and verticals. Taxonic provides expert resources to support Pega globally and work for leading organizations especially in Government.

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