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Pega Competence Center

Due to the increasing demand for Pega Professionals, we’ve launched the Pega Competence Center. This is where we combine our knowledge and experience – including our various projects and solutions – with the Pega Platform to train the Pega Professionals of the future.  Here we provide structure and focus for people that are ready for the next step in their career.

Official Pega Partner

Taxonic is the official Pega partner in the Netherlands. Therefore, we have specialized knowledge about the platform, short lines of communication with Pega and Pega professionals with hands-on experience. This practical knowledge is combined with theoretical modules during the training. This means that you can apply everything you learn here in real-world situations.

Our power lies in sharing knowledge

We don’t just share the basic skills in this training, we support and train future Pega professionals. Our Pega Competence center experts share all their real-world experience and knowledge during this course. The result? Valuable and tangible solutions and insights for our employees, clients and course participants.

Pega CSA Training

Are you...
  • a Business Process Management Consultant with experience in model driven architecture and dynamic case management?
  • Or would you simply like to learn how to bridge the gap between IT and the business with a Pega solution?
Then this Pega CSA training is for you!

Yes, I'm interested!

Take the Pega CSA training at Taxonic!

“A unique training with more than 700 practice questions and numerous practical examples with individual guidance from certified Pega architects focused on CSA Certification.”

Over the years, the Pega platform has turned into a worldwide standard within Business Process Management (BPM) and Dynamic Case Management (DCM). This increases the demand for certified Pega specialists. During the training Pega Certified System Architect (CSA) you are trained to become a broadly educated specialist within the Pega domain. After completing this training, you will have knowledge of the Pega platform and you will be able to apply this knowledge successfully. Our certified trainers come directly from the professional field and bridge the gap between theory and practice. You can count on them for the right advice and intensive guidance during your Pega CSA certification.

What to expect during this training


You receive a summary of each core topic.

Exam training

A comprehensive training with practice questions (+/- 100 questions per domain).

Real-world examples

Our Pega professionals have numerous real-world examples and best practices.

The training consists of online modules via the Pega Academy and five weekly meetings. There are no specific admission requirements to participate in this training. You do, however, have to follow the online Pega CSA modules. You follow these online modules via the Pega Academy. Besides that, you will also receive guidance, tips and best practices from us.

The Pega CSA training consists of nine domains:

  • Application Design
  • Case Design
  • Data Model Design
  • Process Design
  • Decision Design
  • UI Design
  • Report Design
  • Data Management
  • Application Debugging

Are you ready to become a Pega professional?

Contact us for more information about our innovative Pega Competence Center and book your training today!

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