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Victor Louwerse

Software Engineer
Victor Louwerse

With a background as an entrepreneur and independent game developer, Victor is characterized by a powerful combination of out-of-the-box thinking and a hands-on approach. His knack for technical design and ability to solve virtually any problem, big or small, allow him to make invaluable contributions to any project. As a team member, Victor is capable of fulfilling many roles, from software engineer to information architect, to project lead. He has participated in successful projects for a range of clients, including startups and government institutions.

Although Victor has plenty of experience with Java, web and mobile development, he is always interested in new technologies and their problem-solving potential. During his studies in Computer Science, he developed a passion for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Nowadays, his enthusiasm extends to Linked Data technology and its application in an endless variety of scenarios. Furthermore, he has a fascination for information architecture that is effective and elegant.

In his personal life, Victor enjoys skiing, admiring and creating art and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in Information Technology.

I approach any problem domain from its fundamentals. Ultimately, this is what allows me to design and implement effective solutions of the highest quality.

Experience & Qualities

Knowledge and skills:

  • Java, Java EE
  • Information architecture
  • Linked Data
  • Javascript, NodeJS
  • Web services, technologies
  • Docker
  • Scrum


  • Operator Group Delft
  • Erasmus MC
  • E-conomy
  • Piggy Loyalty
  • 2Gears
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