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Ryan Rewat

Pega Systems Architect
Ryan Rewat

As a well-trained engineer, Ryan had privileged exposures to experimental as well as to theoretical physics with a strong emphasis on Quantum Information Processing. In addition, he has in-depth experience in the fields of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition in general, as result of which he also engages in the unbounded and exciting world of Data Science.

Considering the Pega platform as an established market leader in Business Process Management, Case Management and Predictive Analytics, which feeds his thrive on challenges, eagerness for knowledge acquisition and sense for innovative solutions, Ryan is convinced of his added value as a Pega Certified System Architect (CSA) and Pega Certified Senior System Architect (CSSA) at Taxonic.

Beside these professional skills, you will find in him a team player who appreciates and will always contribute to an uplifting and encouraging team spirit. Determination and hard work, structured and methodological, clear communication and understanding, warmhearted and empathic, and – last but not least – a healthy dose of optimism and humor, are traits which signify Ryan as an invaluable team player.

Furthermore, Ryan is an avid sport practitioner and admirer. Without doubt, he believes that the beauty of sport lies in it inspiring and unifying character.

“Driving towards completion and excellence is founded in both a shared unconditional dedication, and a sound and clear-cut communication.”

Experience & Qualities

Knowledge and skills:

  • Pega platform
  • Matlab
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Data Science
  • Data Visualization


  • Taxonic
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