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Pano Maria

Information Architect
Pano Maria

Pano knows how to get things done. He is a fighter and a team player. This is not only reflected in his work as an IT specialist, but also in his private life, where Pano plays basketball at high level. Pano also enjoys cooking and is always looking to experience new flavours. When he has time he also blogs about restaurant experiences. Pano has excellent communication skills and he knows how to convey information successfully. With these qualities and his knowledge about Linked Data, SKOS and the semantic web, Taxonic is proud of having Pano as a colleague.

As an information architect Pano has gained much experience in various government organisations. Amongst others, his area of expertise includes knowledge-automation, information modelling and information architecture. Pano is a specialist in analysing complex business processes and business systems. Therefore he understands and can translate organisations, in terms of critical processes and business needs, for applications. His communication skills paired with a high level of empathy make him a good conversationalist and a fine colleague. Pano knows how to work under pressure. He does not deliver half measures, has experience in doing research and he knows how to mentor a team. Therefore you can always rely on his dedication and high-quality work.

Pano is constantly working on further expanding his knowledge in the ever evolving world of Linked Data. Taxonic understands this and supports him to achieve that goal.

“My fascination for new challenges is a source of energy which results in creative solutions. It allows me to translate complex business processes and requirements into high-quality solutions.”

Experience & Qualities

Knowledge and skills:

  • Architecture frameworks
  • Linked Data
  • Web services / APIs
  • Java, Javascript
  • Various other programming languages
  • Dynamic Case Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Requirements engineering
  • Design and engineering methodology for organizations


  • The Council for the Judiciary (Spir-it)
  • Het CAK
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
  • Ministry of Security and Justice
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Cadastre
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