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Lauri Rondolo

Linked Data Engineer
Lauri Rondolo

Lauri’s passion is to develop systems in order to build a better society where we can live healthier and more efficient. This was her motivation to obtain her Lifestyle Informatics degree at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Integrative modelling of diverse processes (e.g. emotion regulation and air traffic control) was the main focus of her course and turned into one of her many expertise. She has a background as a former chef de partie which makes her an avid team player with goal oriented communication skills.

While attaining her degree, she also became acquainted with several subfields of Artificial Intelligence and was amazed by the power of data-driven methods and symbolic AI models. It made her wonder about a future where Machine Learning and the Semantic Web are combined. This caused her to put her center of interest in learning new programming languages and techniques for preprocessing and Linked Data purposes. Lauri believes that focusing on the developments and progresses of each field will eventually contribute to the area of research of the two combined.

“The world becomes more colorful and understandable with semantics, without it everything would become meaningless.”

Experience & Qualities

Knowledge and skills:

  • Semantic Web
  • Java
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • Knowledge Representation and Engineering
  • Machine LearningNatural Language Processing


  • Taxonic
  • Athena Institute
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