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Jesse Bakker

Linked Data Engineer
Jesse Bakker

Jesse is a graduate in Information Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which is one of the most esteemed research centers in the field of Linked Data, with a specialization in Web and Media technologies.

Jesse has the capacity to quickly familiarize himself with new concepts and technologies. He is, furthermore, driven to deliver custom work, which is reusable and easily understood by third parties.

Working in a team is very familiar for Jesse and he always strives to provide a positive contribution to discussions on the work floor. With his broad knowledge, obtained during his studies, Jesse is well able to stimulate others into finding solutions in their own field.

“Modelling is an iterative process. You have got to fail often, and soon. This way, you keep on improving the model which leads you one step close to the optimal model.”

Experience & Qualities

Knowledge and skills:

  • Linked Data
  • Python
  • Information Visualization
  • Information Retrieval
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Web Technology


  • Taxonic
  • Kadaster
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