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Jan Voskuil

Jan Voskuil - CEO Taxonic

From his background as a linguist, Jan understands the structure and value of Linked Data and SKOS as no other. From a strong intrinsic motivation he has therefore dedicated himself to the development of Linked Data in the Netherlands. Jan likes to read and is interested in geology; which is not at all a strange combination considering he is an information architect.

Jan knows perfectly how to reconcile different interests in complex situations. He has a keen sense of the way people interact with language and information, which helps him to pick out the most valuable information. As an architect and information manager Jan wants to unite everyday language, people’s behaviour and information systems. He has years of experience with service-oriented projects in many organisations. Besides that, he thinks strategically and systematically with which he knows how to properly assess the feasibility of opinions. Jan can, despite different interests, prioritize situational factors, such as ownership, governance and quality, to achieve optimal results.

Jan is a “thought leader” and he has published several articles on case management and case-oriented work, line management, semantics, Linked Data and the application of innovative technology. He also developed SKOS in the Netherlands by putting it on the ‘comply-or-explain’-list.

“I have always dreamed of a content-driven team of professionals around me in order to effectuate innovation.”

Experience & Qualities

Knowledge and skills:

  • Linked Data (SKOS)
  • Architecture
  • Information Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Dynamisch Case Management
  • IT Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Information Security


  • Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
  • Custodial Institutions Agency
  • Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu
  • The Council for the Judiciary
  • NL EVD Internationaal
  • Province of Noord-Holland
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