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Hedde van der Veer

Software Engineer
Hedde Van Der Veer

Hedde graduated on human developmental psychology in 2014. He is a naturally good listener; he is creative, disciplined and eager to learn. Hedde sees the similarities between human beings and IT as a continuous interaction between individuals and the environment. With great enthusiasm and perseverance Hedde later retrained himself as an IT specialist with a strong social background. These characteristics make him a valuable and unique player in the team of Taxonic.

With changing careers, Hedde has proved he dares to tackle new things and is not deterred by choosing the hard way in achieving his goals. That is indicative of how Hedde deals with IT problems as well. Over the years he has grown rapidly into a highly technical software developer and has experience in both technical and functional design. He is independent, eager to learn and he adapts easily. In his work as a Software Engineer and Java developer he proved himself a quick learner on IT tools and new environments. Besides that, he knows how to find his way in complex business domains. Due to his social background he loves to share information and knowledge with others, so they too can benefit. In addition to that, his colleagues, stakeholders and otherwise concerned think he is a motivator and the go-to person on various problems.

Hedde has discipline and a strong intrinsic motivation with which he keeps managing to develop himself into an even better programmer than he already is. He is driven to develop innovative JEE web applications with open source Oracle products.

“I’m pro-active, result oriented and eager to learn. I like and want to work on creative solutions and interesting innovations every day. “

Experience & Qualities

Knowledge and skills:

  • Java
  • Webservices
  • Databases
  • Web development
  • Version control
  • Scrum/Agile


  • Rabobank International
  • Taxonic internal projects
  • RSVier
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