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Farah Sigari

Pega Systems Architect
Farah Sigari

Farah participated in a one-year training program parallel to her study at HTS in Rotterdam and immediately started working at Shell as a mainframe expert. During her work at ABN-AMRO, Farah completed and graduated cum laude her graduation assignment.

After completing Electrical Engineering (ing), Farah joined ING as a mainframe expert. During 18 years of service at ING, Farah has taken steps to increase the domain of her knowledge and skills. It is certified in Oracle, SQL server and TIBCO systems. She recently obtained her Certified Senior System Architect (CSSA) and Pega Certified System Architect (CSA). She is officially an Agile / Scrum master.

Farah is disciplined and motivated, loves the most innovative solutions and likes to work with a team. At the same time, she retains her independence to launch progressive solutions.

“Pega system offers answers to the increasing demand for digital transformation. Pega provides powerful tools to prepare institutions for rapid changes. Who doesn’t want to be ahead of the competition?.”

Experience & Qualities

Knowledge and skills:

  • Dynamic Case Management
  • Business Proces Management
  • Agile methoden
  • Softwareontwikkeling
  • Informatie analyse
  • Leadership capaciteiten
  • Tibco (AMX)


  • Taxonic
  • Shell
  • ABN AMRO bank
  • ING bank
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