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Dena Tahvildari

Linked Data Engineer
Dena Tahvildari

Dena has a background in Electrical Engineering (BS.c) followed by a Master degree in Information, Communication Technology (MS.c) from Technical University of Delft.

She is a part time Ph.D candidate at VU university and Wageningen Research Institution. In her work she explores the combination of knowledge-driven and data-driven approaches to propose a framework for semantic representations of laboratory experimental methods.

She joined Taxonic B.V group in January 2018 as a linked data engineer. In collaboration with other data scientists, she provides solution for capturing and integrating knowledge enterprises in various sectors.

She is a curious person by nature and enjoys to learning new things. She is an independent researcher; however, she enjoys working in team. In parallel to her background in knowledge representation, she is a classically trained piano player.

“In my opinion, scientific writing should get closer to formal language, since writing a scientific paper is more like writing a computer program rather than writing a poetry. Formal models (ontologies) of scientific knowledge are needed for this.”

Experience & Qualities

Knowledge and skills:

  • Knowledge Representation
  • Ontologies
  • Natural Language Processing
  • e-science
  • Philosophy of science
  • R
  • Python
  • TopBraidComposer
  • Rapid Ontology Construction tool
  • Protégé


  • Taxonic
  • Vrije universiteit Amsterdam
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