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Arie Hakemulder

Sales manager
Arie Hakemulder

Arie has been advising and guiding companies for over 30 years to realize their business-economic objectives through the use of smart, effective ICT solutions. Every company depends to a large extent on IT in the execution of primary processes and all supporting services. Also in the collaboration with suppliers and customers, the integration of ICT is the key to success, saving costs and increasing productivity.

The speed with which new products and services appear on the market requires the deployment of specialists who can translate into meaningful applications with which companies can innovate and grow. Management must be able to focus on business operations, with optimal ICT support being self-evident. The deployment of our specialists in that field is indispensable.

Linked Data and Dynamic Case Management bring new opportunities to execute company management in a smarter and more efficient way, while at the same time developing new services. For Arie it is a challenge to translate these new possibilities for his clients into the optimal ICT solution, of course in collaboration with the team of specialists that can build that solution.

“My ambition is to enable customers to realize significant improvements in their business processes by implementing effective and innovative IT solutions, developed and created by our specialists.”

Experience & Qualities

Knowledge and skills:

  • Sales Management & Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Client Relationship Management
  • IT Business Alignment
  • Inspirator, Motivator
  • Challenger


  • Taxonic
  • Rabobank
  • ING
  • Robeco
  • Belastingdienst
  • Politie Nederland
  • Tweede Kamer
  • Provincie Zuid Holland
  • Gist Brocades
  • Akzo Nobel
  • Brocacef
  • NVLS
  • KLM
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