• When reusing data for new insights, it is crucial to know the exact meaning of the data.
  • Linked Data is based on globally agreed vocabulary, which defines their meaning ‘by design’.
  • Schema.org, maintained by Google, is an example of such a vocabulary and defines properties such as ‘product’ and ‘manufactures’ for a product.
  • When enriching data, the added data must be uniquely identifiable with globally unique keys (URIs).
  • Linked Data enables easy addition of new data to existing datasets, thereby combining, for example, financial and operational data sources to gain new insights, something not possible with traditional relational tables.

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Knowledge Sharing in Practice

Our leading Taxonic Academy plays a vital role. This training institute for the application of model-driven information technology provides high-quality education. The Semantics and Interoperability course offers various programs within the field of Linked Data and Conceptual Modeling. These courses are primarily online but can also be taken in combination with workshops. The instructors are consultants who work daily in the field: seasoned practitioners who share their theoretical knowledge, enriched with interesting cases. High-quality knowledge sharing, where we make progress together, is the distinguishing factor of the Taxonic Academy.

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