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Taxonic gives meaning to your data and process

At Taxonic we find it important to combine research and business. In this way we learn quickly from the latest developments and we can apply them immediately. In addition, we can adjust the theory based on our experiences in practice. Through independent research and various projects, we are the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of Pega (Dynamic Case Management) and Linked Data.

With an interdisciplinary team that continuously tries to learn from each other, we have a good foundation to develop and put into practice our specializations. We are able to view and understand the consequences of Linked Data and Dynamic Case Management from all angles. Thanks to our extensive experience in projects, we know what Linked Data and Dynamic Case Management can add to value in practice.

Vision Taxonic

Our knowledge areas

ICT Services - Taxonic

ICT Services

Our solutions in the field of Pega (Dynamic Case Management) and Linked Data often have…

Linked Data - Taxonic

Linked Data

Linked Data is a network of information provided by linking various sources, data models and data.
Dynamic Case Management - Taxonic

Pega (Dynamic Case Management)

Dynamic Case Management handles exclusive and exceptional tasks within a single and flexible (software) solution.
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