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Taxonic gives meaning to your data

Taxonic is an ambitious company with a major drive for innovation and development. As a knowledge partner, we do not only share our knowledge and experience with our customers, but we also contribute to Linked Data Platform Netherlands. We believe that Linked Data is going to change the world and that we can create social impact with our projects and activities. We know how to combine research and business to further develop semantic technologies and implement it successfully.

Our mission is to help organizations add value to their data.

We do this by processing data based on its significance, using modern semantic technologies. These technologies are designed to bring the everyday language and actions closer to the world of data.

How does it work in general? Think of dynamic case management, model-driven architectures, regulation management, decision management, knowledge management and of course semantic web technology and Linked Data – our specialty.

Vision Taxonic

Taxonic combines research and business

At Taxonic we think it is important to combine research and business. This means that we can learn very quickly from new developments and know how to implement them directly. Beside that we are also able to adjust theories based on our experiences. By doing independent research and many different projects we have become experts in the field of Linked and Dynamic Case Management.

Taxonic is a member of W3C. Our consultants are active in the W3C Working Group that works on defining the SHACL standard. In addition, Taxonic is sponsor of Platform Linked Data Nederland. Taxonic has taken the initiative of getting the Linked Data standard SKOS on the “comply or explain” list of the Forum Standaardisatie, the standardization committee of the Dutch public sector. Taxonic has signed the Supliers Manifest of Forum Standaardisatie, to contribute to the wide use of SKOS as a supplier. In that way we encourage the rapid development of new technologies and applications in the Netherlands. Taxonic is regularly present at conferences with papers or as a sponsor.

Our expertise

Our team is multidisciplinary, and consists of information analysts, business analysts, architects, full stack developers, software engineers, project managers and systems engineers. Combining different disciplines is the foundation for delivering quality. In our team, we are used to learning from each other and taking different perspectives. We deepen our knowledge by, among other things, confronting it with other fields of expertise. It is precisely the combination of different disciplines that gives rise to a lively discussion and serendipity.

This broad foundation forms a solid basis to further develop our specialties and practice them. We are able to look at and understand the consequences of Linked Data and Dynamic Case Management from different angles. With our broad experience in various projects, we can get the best out of Linked Data and Dynamic Case Management. Key is delivering top quality in each discipline.

Also the combination of our own software development efforts at OntoPharma and the consultancy activities under the brand name of Taxonic offers a lot of added value. By developing commercial software we learn new capabilities and insights that add a lot of value in our consultancy practice. Conversely, from our consultancy practice, we bring fresh ideas and necessary expertise to our software lab.

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