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Identification of medicinal products

From July 2016 the European Union states that all pharmaceutical products, which are available on the market, must have an IDMP record (Identification of a medicinal product). This data structure contains 400 attributes with more than 75 definitions. Although not all this data occurs in every product, this language makes comparisons and differences between pharmaceutical products visible.

Taxonic offers an IDMP Solution based on state-of-the-art semantic technology (Linked Data) and the Cortex-XL language. These extensive data definitions can equalize information from coding systems, taxonomies, synonyms and language. But what exactly is the advantage of speaking one common language? With IDMP we get, for example, a better understanding of the side effects of certain substances, which are part of the medication. Also, differences between manufacturers and packaging materials will no longer distract us from the contents now we can compare the substances. The medication leaflet will therefore become more uniform; internationally ánd between the different pharmacists.

The Health Authorities (HA) gather this uniform information on medication to investigate and protect the industry. The implementation of IDMP legislation has therefore a high priority within the European Union. It is expected that the final version of these standards will be published in the spring of 2016 followed by the implementation guidelines.

IDMP - Taxonic
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