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About Taxonic

We are Taxonic, an international and independent IT consultancy. Our focus? Knowledge management, we apply this in three areas: Pega (Dynamic Case Management), Linked Data and broad ICT services. With this specialization we have done projects for government organizations, multinationals and banks. As a knowledge partner, we share our knowledge and provide tailor-made advice; from analysis and project management to implementation.

Our experts work with the latest technologies, use big data and do high-throughput data analyzes. We have a broad experience within our team; from advice on the choice of technology and the embedding of solutions in your technical environment to the connection of the system landscape and complete realization processes.

Taxonic is also the official partner of Pega and we have launched a Pega Competence Center in the Netherlands. With the Competence Center, Taxonic bundles all knowledge and experience around the Pega Business-Proces platform, the various solutions and projects.

We are also actively engaged in our own software products. We are working on the Open Source-product CARML, which makes data available in existing sources as Linked Data. We also develop products under the banner of our spin-off OntoPharma, where we make innovative software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry on the basis of Linked Data technologies and Natural Language Processing.

Our ambition is to be able to assist our customers in all aspects with working with Dynamic Case management solution and semantic technology. Because we work with interdisciplinary teams, we can take on a broad spectrum of complex projects. Taxonic encourages the world to change with new technologies, that is our contribution to society.

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