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Taxonic is your knowledge partner

Taxonic is an IT-consultancy with knowledge management as starting point. Our strategy is founded on three pillars: Linked Data, Dynamic Case Management and full spectrum IT-consultancy. Linked Data and Dynamic Case Management are our specializations. We are widely recognized as a leader in these fields. With these specializations, we bring business and IT together, resulting in a robust and flexible information flow that changes as the environment develops.

To apply Linked Data and Dynamic Case Management in practical situations, more is needed. There is always a broader context. This requires teamwork. Therefore, our team is multidisciplinary, and consists of information analysts, business analysts, architects, full stack developers, software engineers, project managers and systems engineers. Developing our expertise in these disciplines is the foundation for the quality we deliver and fuels our appetite for innovation.

Apart from consultancy and projects, Taxonic also engages in product development. We do this within our spin-off OntoPharma, where we create innovative software solutions fort he pharmaceutical industry, based on Linked Data technologies and Natural Language Processing.

As a knowledge partner, we share our knowledge and offer tailor-made advice. Both from a theoretical angle, in the form of white papers, analysis and advice, and in the form of practical project management and realization.

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Our expertise

Our team is multidisciplinary, and consists of information analysts, business analysts, architects, full stack developers, software engineers, project managers and systems engineers. Combining different disciplines is the foundation for delivering quality. In our team, we are used to learning from each other and taking different perspectives. We deepen our knowledge by, among other things, confronting it with other fields of expertise. It is precisely the combination of different disciplines that gives rise to a lively discussion and serendipity.

This broad foundation forms a solid basis to further develop our specialties and practice them. We are able to look at and understand the consequences of Linked Data and Dynamic Case Management from different angles. With our broad experience in various projects, we can get the best out of Linked Data and Dynamic Case Management. Key is delivering top quality in each discipline.

Also the combination of our own software development efforts at OntoPharma and the consultancy activities under the brand name of Taxonic offers a lot of added value. By developing commercial software we learn new capabilities and insights that add a lot of value in our consultancy practice. Conversely, from our consultancy practice, we bring fresh ideas and necessary expertise to our software lab.

Linked Data - Taxonic

Linked Data

Linked Data is a network of information provided by linking various sources, data models and data.
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Dynamic Case Management - Taxonic

Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic Case Management handles exclusive and exceptional tasks within a single and flexible (software) solution.
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News & Publications

Our Projects

We aspire to help our customers on all different levels when working with semantic technology. Therefore our team consists of backend developers, frontend developers, information analysts, business analysts, business consultants, project managers, DevOps, system engineers and experts on information security and architecture.

With this expertise we can handle a wide range of complex projects such as the design of architectures, creating effective tenders, advice on technology choices, realization of projects, monitoring of governance and delivery processes, process and information analysis, metadata management, system integration and system management. Taxonic wants to contribute to society and encourages the world to change and embrace new technologies.

All our projects are custom made. Are you interested in the possibilities for your organisation? Please contact us.

IDMP - Taxonic

Identification of Medicinal Products

By making health information more uniform, we encourage research and safety in healthcare.
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